OM Style Avenue


The OMSA woman fits an ideal profile, heterogeneous and transversal. More than a mere style as such, she reflects a lifestyle, a realm of shared passions and attitudes with a strong connection to the defining qualities of all the brand’s collections: Feminine, Fun, International, Businessy:


She loves to express her own romantic femininity, always with taste, sensibility and refinement, making the most of her own natural attributes.


She feels at home wherever she is, travels in both time and space. She keeps inventing her own style, referencing different influences, inspirations and cultural traditions.


Fashion is a creative game to have lots of pure fun with. Seduction is a game to play by following her own rules.


Taking the staleness away corporate look and adding flair and femininity to the boardroom. She oozes with a strong personality but still owns her classy style.


Continuing sales growth and ever-improving brand awareness of the group’s product lines have progressively led to the opening a store. Today the OMSA brand is reselling to Butgandy Fly, Sowerto and Fashion hub stores in Gauteng.

The group’s present goal is to further market penetration of the OMSA’s brands at the international level, specifically through the development of an exclusive network of mono brand stores and global distribution partnerships.

OMSA’s plans to fulfill this primary objective also by pursuing high impact communication campaigns and by signing license agreements in other product categories with top-notch manufacturers.


OMSA always stands out also for the keen attention it devotes to brand image and communication.

Over 3 years, the company has entrusted the creation of the OMSA’s advertising images to leading fashion photographers and communication professionals.

Beyond the legendary advertising campaigns, another important factor in the high profile of the OMSA’s brands lies in a regular presence at AFRICA FASHION Week.

The highlight moments in the history of the brand have come complete with star-studded events featuring the participation of celebrities and other special guests from the South African and/or world fashion, music and entertainment scenes.